Solar Panel Mesh Kit – Vexo – 30m roll with 100 clips

$278.00 inc GST

Vexo 30m pvc coated stainless steel solar panel bird mesh kit with 100 nylon clips (also includes work gloves).  Probably the best value on the market!



Pigeons can drive home and business owners crazy. They fornicate all over your roof, they nest under solar panels and in the roof void. They make noise and live in their own crap which is toxic to humans, their crap will accumulate in gutters and rust them out. Their mess on your solar panels will cost you money because your solar panel efficiency will be reduced. In some cases is almost as bad as asbestos effects on human lungs over time. Deal with the birds by changing the environment. They are called homing pigeons for a reason – once they call your place home they are not going to leave unless you evict them.

It just isn’t effective to cull them as it normally impossible or impractical to get a 100% result. PLEASE PLEASE don’t get hold of a bird poison on the black market and just throw it around – it kills other native birds needlessly and it is a highly regulated and dangerous product. We see so much indiscriminate and careless use of avicides.

If you make your building non-conducive to their nesting and roosting habits they will eventually just leave and go somewhere else.

Do this by blocking off areas they are accessing such as under solar panels and nooks and crannies on your roof and awnings and air conditioners.

You may have to use mesh under your solar panels and spikes on top of your air conditioners to move them on.

Solar mesh is quite easy to DIY. Makes sure you do not buy a cheap one as attractive as that may be. Generally the cheap eBay rolls are horrible to work with as the steel in mesh is very light duty. We are selling a professional grade of mesh here. The mesh is pvc coated to not scratch or oxidise against your aluminium solar panel frames and clips are designed to not damage your panels also. The mesh and clips are designed to handle the savage UV from the Aussie sun.

Please watch the short video above. Make sure you measure the perimeter of your solar panels so you buy enough mesh – some solar setups will be greater than 30m so you may need to buy 2 rolls.

Weight 4.1 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 26 cm
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