Trapper Glue Trays – (for rodents) – Pack of 5

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Captures mice and rats. Pesticide Free and proven effective, ready to use.

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  • TRAPPER 2-Pack contains two face-to-face glue boards which separate easily for placement.
  • The glue boards are ideal to use sensitive areas where the use of poison is prohibited or discouraged.
  • TRAPPER Glue Boards come in rat and mouse sizes. This size is more so for mice. 
  • Pesticide Free and proven effective, ready to use.
  • Pro tip! Purchase some PROVOKE rodent attractant gel and place a blob in the middle of the glue board.

While this board can theoretically catch rats, if you are specifically targeting rats we recommend a larger glue board, or even using bait (check our other products). Glue boards are illegal in Victoria Australia, and it is illegal for us to ship them to a Victorian address. Please consider other products if this applies to you. If you do use glue boards please check them daily and humanely euthanise any trapped rodents (drowning is not considered humane – FYI). 

If you have large numbers of rodents to control, you will find bait more effective for large population knockdown than glue boards. Visit our rodent section in this shop. 

Please always consider non-target species and use all pest control products in a way that cannot harm other animals, humans or the environment.

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Dimensions 18 × 9 × 7.5 cm
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