Bird Spikes x 5 – Polycarb and Stainless Steel – Professional Grade

$98.00 inc GST


Bird Spikes – Stainless Steel and Polycarbonate. USA made by Bird B Gone. 600mm sections. This listing is for 5 x 600mm sections (3 metres).

We use these quality bird spikes on our jobs. They are suitable for any area around your home, business or farm sheds to move birds on from loitering in specific sections. To attach to a surface you can either tech screw or use a good quality adhesive sealant available from your hardware store in caulking cartridges. The sections are easily cut with side cutters or similar should they need to be trimmed.

Bird spikes are a very effective deterrent for pigeons and other birds. They are a ‘no maintenance’ solution and are arguably the most frequently used bird control device. Spikes do not harm the birds.

Tips for use – attach the bird spikes to the edge of the surface concerned. Birds launch off the edge, they may sit on the flat of a roof but they won’t stay there provided the edge is spiked. Generally if you control the edge you will win the war. Spike a bigger area than you think is necessary because obviously the birds will just move to an unspiked section of your building and start crapping in a whole new area. For things like air conditioner motors you may need to cover the entire case. If birds are nesting rather than just roosting you will need consider spikes in combination with some “heavier duty” exclusion such as mesh.

You are always welcome to phone the office and discuss your needs. Send us some photos of your problem too!

Weight .1 kg
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