Solar Panel Mesh for Bird Proofing – Heavy Duty – Bird B Gone 1x30m roll plus clips

$289.00 inc GST

Bird B Gone USA products are ones we regularly use in the field for our clients here in Queensland. They are more expensive than other products but no product comes even close to the thickness of wire and PVC in this mesh. The clips are galvanised metal and can’t be attacked by UV Rays like cheap plastic clips can.

If you are looking to do this job once and never having to fiddle with it ever again then only professional grade products will do. Cheap eBay mesh is exactly that – cheap, it will not hold it’s shape well and will be painful to work with. It wrinkles up so easily it doesn’t look neat on completion. This mesh has a 5 year manufacturers warranty. We also never use plastic mesh on our jobs because it does not hold its shape. More often than not we remove a DIY plastic mesh. This work is simple to DIY – just use a good quality product and you’ll easily get a good result.

This mesh will look neat and last for many years without maintenance.

With your purchase you will receive 1 x 30m roll of Bird-B-Gone solar panel mesh and 1 x pack of metal clips. We often find that we need a second packet of clips as we usually end up using 3 clips per metre when installing. Please see our other listing if you wish to buy extra clips.

Please check out the video.


Weight 6 kg
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