Trelona ATBS in-ground sleeve. Retrofit other brand of termite station or insert in concrete.

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Save Money, Maintain Peace of Mind with Termite Protection, Protect your Property.


Until now the typical way to monitor your property for termites was to put timber in a basket in the ground and check it monthly or 3 monthly for activity. When termites appear insert bait and go through a baiting program for extra cost. Trelona gets rid of all this drama because the cellulose and bait is always together in the ground, if the termites appear they are already eating bait. You don’t have to catch them eating wood and bait separately. If they eat the bait in the station the entire termite colony will be wiped out including the queen. Bada Bing Bada Bang – you’re done.

Why pay huge prices to have a pest company come and check your existing in-ground monitoring stations when you can easily do this yourself. It is likely you will pay for the conversion in only 1 year by doing this your self. All you have to do is open the top of the station and look inside to see if you can see termites working OR see if termites have hit the baits and been and gone. If no termites, put the lid back on and check again in 6 months. Checking your stations if you have a full perimeter of around 25 will take you 15 minutes(ish) every 6 months. If termites have hit the baits simply replace the cartridge(s) and go again. It’s not rocket science at all…

The Trelona in-ground sleeve or “basket” is used when you have another brand of in-ground termite station already fitted and want to convert to Trelona or if you are core drilling your concrete to create a full perimeter system. The manufacturer recommends a 3m spacing between stations to create full perimeter system. There is nothing stopping you from using the stations in another configuration though. Some examples might be around cubby houses, sheds, gardens a specific precious tree you want to protect.

The sleeve holds 2 Trelona cartridges, or 1 cartridge and one timber or whatever combination you can think of.

Concrete Core Drilling:

You will need to use an 80mm concrete core and remove dirt down to approximately 200mm. For this exercise you will need (per hole) 1 x Trelona in-ground sleeve, 2 x Trelona Cartridges and 1 x port cover. Easy! :-)

If you are planning on retrofitting you current in-ground system make sure that the retrofit will work.

Stations suitable for retrofit are:
  • Exterra
  • Termseal
Stations not suitable for retrofit (for these stations purchase the complete Trelona station):
  • Sentricon (too skinny)

The best way is to fit 2 x bait cartridges because there is more than enough bait there to wipe out a colony should they come foraging and find the station. The last thing you’d want is to not wipe them out. However if you’re on a budget sometimes you might like to use a timber and cartridge. The timber likely won’t last as long in the ground as the cartridge but as long as you check your stations a bit more often then it will work fine.

This listing is specifically for the black coloured in-ground sleeve and not the other components. The other components are shown so you know what will work in conjunction with the sleeve and so you can find those items in our other listing(s). The concrete plug – or port cover is also available in our other listings.


Weight .094 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 20 cm

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