Abide Termite Bait – Australian Made – x 5 Sachets

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Pack of 5 x 100g bag of Abide Termite Bait – produced by TermSeal Australia.

Professional product with field experience and major termite product manufacturer support = Superior results.

We use this termite bait ourselves with our customers. We’ve used many brands over the years and if you are going to bait you need to make sure you have the highest chances of termite feeding. Don’t risk it with some random brand you found on the web.

This termite bait not a “traditional” poison. It does not kill the termite straight away. The active ingredient is a “growth regulator” that prevents the termites from growing a new skin after they moult. They stay alive in order to feed on the bait and share it with the entire colony, then when it is time to moult they die because they can’t grow a new skin. Moulting is in approximately 3 monthly cycles (though this won’t be strictly the rule depending on the species and time of year etc).

To prepare, mix in between 400 and 600ml of pure water – bottled water or tank water. DO NOT use tap water. Tap water quite likely will still work however there is a remote chance the tap water in your area may have a chemical in it that prevents the termites from taking the bait. Add water gradually and work it through the bait. When the bait is thoroughly wet and you can make it in to a ball like cookie dough and some water squeezes out of it then you are good to go. You do not want it sloppy runny wet.

Check out our video here – https://youtu.be/NwlRF0o7nyY

Place the bag directly over an area of strong termite activity – example a mud lead, nest or busy site with lots of termites. You can use this product indoors or outdoors. Attach the bag securely using screws, cable ties, staple gun etc. You may also place the bag under items like logs, in your in ground stations and so on. Cut a hole in the back of the bag with a sharp knife so the termites can get in easily and place the opening over the termite activity. Attach the bag securely using screws, cable ties, staple gun etc.

Leave the bag a minimum of 4 weeks before you check it. If termites are in to the bag but there’s plenty of bait just re-attach it. If there are still termites there and you they have eaten every crumb, put another fresh bag up anyway.

We suggest you place multiple bags up at once in different areas where you ave seen termites working. Keep the bag out of direct sunlight because the sun will dry the bait out – provided the bait is out of the direct sun and heat the bait should remain moist for the duration of your baiting cycle.

If you are placing bait in an area that may be subject to disturbance e we recommend you use the above ground stations also available in this shop.

While the termites are taking bait just keep feeding them. A baiting program typically take 3-4 months to kill the colony but may take shorter or longer depending on the termites.

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