Trelona ATBS – Termite bait station and bait – 1 x Carton of 16 – New Technology

$795.00 inc GST

  • Imagine being able to DIY a professional termite product! It’s a difficult as drilling or digging a hole in the soil and inserting the station!
  • If you currently pay someone to come monthly or quarterly and check your other brand of stations you can do this yourself in maybe 15 minutes and save big $$.
  • You need the peace of mind that your $500,000 (or more) building is being protected 24/7 by active baiting. Once you see termites hit these they are already a ticking time bomb ready to wipe the colony out.


  • BASF’s new Advance® Termite Bait System (ATBS) with Trelona® Termite Bait sets a new benchmark in termite baiting for the Australian market.
  • Powered by a novel active ingredient ‘Novaluron’, Trelona requires much less bait for complete colony elimination to be achieved when compared to other termite baits.
  • Trelona ATBS gives pest management professionals the freedom to offer their customers a traditional monitoring system or an ‘Active on Application’ system.


Typically stations would be inspected every 12 months with cartridges being replaced upon consumption by termites, or every 5 years.

We personally use these with our customers and they are an excellent quality product that just work. You can DIY or professionally install and use these with confidence in our opinion. Whenever we have positioned these near active termites, they have been hit within a couple of weeks with excellent feeding. 

Trelona is able to installed as a valid system for your building(s), fences, sheds, valuable trees.

Black labelled stand in the photo is for advertising purposes and not part of the actual product.

“Spider” station opening tool sold separately.


How Easy is it to check Trelona – See Video


Whats in the box!

A carton contains 16 x in-ground stations with a rotating lid. Each station comes with 2 x bait cartridges. The total number of cartridges per carton is therefore 32. One of the illustrations shows all of the items available in the Trelona range. These extra items are not included in the carton they are available for separate purchase. Any accessories shown in pictures are for illustrative purposes only and are not included as part of this sale.

Weight 9.2 kg
Dimensions 43 × 28 × 40 cm
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