Greenzone Termite & Insect Repellent Expansion Joint Foam – 50m Self adhesive roll (around $8 per lineal metre)

$386.00 inc GST

For the protection of buildings and structures against subterranean termites.

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Termite Proof expansion joint foam for concreting and construction.

Only around $8/lineal metre for lifetime termite deterrent along the concrete joins at your building or home.This is very cheap “insurance” when factored against the price of your renovation or value of your building.

GREENZONE® is an insect and termite barrier technology which integrates a compressible foam substrate with bifenthrin.

This creates significant savings in labour and materials compared with installing a combined termite repellent and compressible foam layer. 

The core innovation is the integration of a termite repellent into expansion joint foam which can be applied to all elements of construction that require a termite barrier in order to comply with Australian Standard AS3660 – 2000, Termite Management, Parts 1 & 3.


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