Trelona Termite Bait Station Replacement Cartridge – (box of 6) for termite system

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Trelona ATBS in my opinion has been a game changer for home owners using in-ground monitoring or bait stations. Convert, Upgrade, Retrofit your Exterra system with active cartridges instead of the timber slats that do nothing in terms of treating and killing the termite colony. Trelona is cross compatible with many other in ground stations. We suggest when doing this you also buy the sleeve to hold your new cartridges (not totally essential – but recommended) See our other listing for those.

Previous versions of this type of product used chunks of wood to lure termites and then provided regular 3 monthly inspections were done ($$) then you could see termites in the timbers and bait them out = more $$

Trelona combines pure cellulose (which is actually what the termites want) with bait in their system. This doesn’t kill the termites straight away. They take the food back to the colony and feed everyone up. Then when it’s time to moult again (approx every 13 weeks) they can’t grow a new skin and die cause they can’t handle being in the nude!

You can use these cartridges to replace in your Trelona system if it’s time (every 5 yrs) or if termites have smashed them. Just check them at minimum of every 12 months. 6 monthly or quarterly even better as it will only take 15mins.

If you have another brand of system and these cartridges fit – I recommend switching to these in your current system. DIY the replacement and save $$

This listing is for the “active” bait cartridges – they come in a box of 6.

If you have a bulk order please call our office on (07) 49362093 during office hours and we’ll do you a package deal.


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