BIOPlus Foam & Liquid Formulation

$132.44 inc GST

BIOPlus is a Biological Bacterial Agent that was formulated in partnership with the U.S. EPA “Design for the Environment”. It delivers exceptional bacterial activity with growth to speed the breakdown and digestion of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and petroleum hydrocarbons.

BIOPlus Foam and Liquid Formulation is an EPA approved biological bacterial agent. The microbes eat and breakdown oil, grease and organic matter converting into carbon dioxide and water.

Great for use in septic systems, bathrooms, washroom floors or areas that are tough to clean.

  • Over twice as concentrated as competing products
  • Contains NO chemicals, fillers, perfumes, enzymes, seeds, spores or pathogens
  • No mixing necessary
  • Absolutely no clean up time
  • All natural and environmentally safe

Drain flies feed on the organic matter lining your pipes and establish their colony inside your drain(s). The flies are harmless but are irritating and indicate an unhealthy drain network typically full of fungus/mildew type growth(s).  These products are like “yoghurt for your drains” in that it restores a healthy microbial balance and provides “billions” of live/healthy organisms to your system.

Weight 2 kg
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