Why buy a professional rodent bait instead of one from the supermarket or hardware store?

Don’t they work?

It’s not necessarily a question of what works but what is more effective and achieves the outcome you want in a direct fashion in a time frame that you need and with the least hassle. We never use supermarket or hardware versions on the job – if they were suitable, we would – it’s just that simple.

The main differences between normal retail bait blocks and professional baits is the recipe. Typically professional baits contain 16 or more food types in them. This is important because we want the rats and mice to take our bait and not the food that might be readily available in your house, commercial premises, farm etc. With a wider range of food types in the bait station, there is more chance that they will hit a commercial bait.

The second reason to use a commercial bait is the efficacy of control. Whether you seek maintenance or quick population knock down there are different bait blocks available rather than “one size fits all” grocery shop version.

If you want quick knockdown the lifespan of the block is not your concern, but if you wish to place blocks for maintenance-style programs then you need a block that can stand up to the weather conditions a little longer.

Quick knock down


If you live in a hot region, we recommend Maki as it is a more weatherproof block. Wax and soft baits won’t hold up as well in roof spaces or in direct heat. All of these blocks can be used as knock down – it’s just that Ditrac has more clout and requires less of a feed. But all these baits are excellent.

Concerned About Pets Eating Dead Rats?

The chance that your pet or other non-target animals can or will consume enough dead rodents for a lethal dose is highly improbable. However, if you don’t want to risk it, then Racumin is an excellent rodent bait plus it has no secondary transfer. It’s a wax block so won’t last quite as long as Maki (for example) but they will nonetheless hold up for a few months.

If you’re still not sure call us during office hours and we will help you make a decision.

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