Racumin – Rodent Bait – Paste 5kg

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Racumin – Rodent Bait – Paste 5kg

50x100g Sachets


Highly palatable Racumin Paste can be used indoors and outdoors in bait stations. Because Racumin is a multi-feed rodenticide, pets and wildlife are less at risk of secondary poisoning. The unique palatability of the soft blocks makes them fatally attractive to both rats and mice and reduces bait shyness.

Racumin is a multi-feed rodenticide available in paste and block formulations.Racumin Paste combines vegetable fats and carbohydrates in a way that is exceptionally attractive to rats and mice.  Using the multi feed approach Racumin will kill in a similar timeframe as a single feed bait (3-8 days) without the risk of bait shyness making it a superior choice in a rodent control strategy. The use of loose grain baits is also minimized, enhancing safety and efficacy.

Less secondary poisoning risk to pets and working dogs.

Using Racumin not only provides fast control of rats and mice but it also reduces the poisoning risk to pets, working dogs and other animals from eating baited rodents.

Racumin has a clear safety record for secondary poisonings to non-target animals and can be used long term to gain control of a rodent population. This long-term usability is a key aspect of an effective rodent control strategy, especially in scenarios where rats and mice display bait shyness or where loose grain baits are less effective.

We regularly use both Racumin paste and blocks on the job. We tend to use them more so when people have potential concerns about their pets. It is definitely suitable for general use though. It has medium length lifespan of the actual block. Great knock down product where baits will be eaten soon after deployment, but also great for maintenance, though you may need to check approx. every 3 months in maintenance phase. The wax block will stand up to weather better than the paste. Recommend using the paste inside bait stations and inside buildings, sheds etc. Paste has very good palatability.

The active ingredient in Racumin is widely respected amongst the industry as very high quality active. Even reps from other companies will acknowledge this!



All animals can be poisoned if they feed on baits directly. To minimise the risk, use bait

stations where practical. 

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