Mouse Plague Is Hurting Dogs – Don’t Let Yours Be One

Rodent Plague to Continue – Dogs the unexpected casualty. 

The Situation until Christmas
Higher than usual mouse numbers are still present in Australia and near plague like conditions look set to continue for a while yet. Typical plague duration is 12 – 18 months so the next wave is expected to be the tail end of the situation here in Australia. None-the-less we all will experience increased rodent pressure from now through till Christmas or the new year, so obviously that means maintaining your baiting/trapping regimes.  Check out Mouse Alert for more info 

Why are dogs at risk from mice?
Actually dogs are not at risk from the mice per se – they are the casualty of rodent bait being improperly used. Rodent bait contains many yummy food types plus a large amount of fat to make them irresistable to mice and rats. In order for rodents to take a bait humans have to make a bait that is more tempting than other food they were eating in the wild. Problem is, many dogs think it smells good too. Many vets are now reporting a shortage in Vitamin K which is the antidote to rat bait.  Please see what this vet has to say…

The solution to stopping dogs, possums, birds, children etc from touching rodent bait is to use an approved rodent station. That way only the rodents get to the bait and other animals or humans leave it alone. 
All baits contain bittering agents so foul tasting that a human will gag and not be able to swallow a bait, but you don’t want them playing with it anyway. Definitely keep it locked away! You can visit our shop and get professional stations here at cheaper prices than a certain leading hardware store ?

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