Trelona Timber Insert – for ATBS station (or other brand) x 10

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Trelona ATBS is a total game changer for the baiting and monitoring protocols used around many residential and commercial buildings. How would you like to save money and do this yourself at your place. If you already have a system with timber form a pest company they will generally charge around $1000 per year just to check it! You could check your own stations in 15 – 20 mins, it’s a difficult as take the lid off the station and see it has termites. Simple!

These timbers will fit in many other brands or station e.g Exterra, Agenda and many more.

This listing is for 10 x set of genuine timbers from BASF for the Trelona ATBS in ground station. Please note the timber DOES NOT HAVE any active ingredient.

Please see the picture for what the listing comprises. It is one pair of timbers. These loosely fit together to form a cylinder shape. Theoretically you would use 2 x sets timber per in ground station if you were ONLY going to use timber.  We essentially discourage the use of timber only as it defeats the purpose of the active monitoring the cartridges can provide. However there are times when you may wish to mix and match timbers with cartridges or even use straight timber in the station. The design is of the ATBS is very flexible to allow for a wide range of scenarios.


Also available is a “blank” cartridge, these are refined cellulose only – which is kind of like termite candy! The blank cartridge – like the timber DOES NOT HAVE any active ingredient in it.  The “Blank” cartridge is in another listing if you are looking for that.

The manufacturer would recommend IF you are going to a strictly monitoring strategy you should use BOTH 1 x Timber and 1 X (Blank) Inspection Cartridge. The reason is because when feeding starts to only have 2 x timbers and then swap in an active cartridge will be much change for the termites feeding behaviour and may even scare them off. If there is at least 1 x blank cellulose cartridge when you swap to the active cartridge the change is more subtle plus they are already are attuned to the cartridge as a food source. The Gold standard would be to use 2 active cartridges at all times as it is sufficient bait to take out a colony plus no checking or substitutions are required. However folks have different needs and strategies so this system is flexible enough to cater for a variety of approaches.

Of course call the office during business hours if you need to talk through your situation. Contact details on webpage and in the bio on shopping platforms like eBay and Amazon.


This listing is for the timber inserts only – any other items shown in the pictures for this listing are for illustrative purposes only.

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Dimensions 6 × 3.4 × 7.7 cm

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