50m – Professional TermX reticulation hose / Termite System hose (50 year manufacturers warranty)

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Termite System, Reticulation Hose / Pipe for new homes or existing buildings. Maybe your dog has dug up your existing system and you need to patch / repair / replace. This is one of the best to replace it with.

All fittings and 3 manifold boxes come in your 50m kit

Decrease your termite risk by adding extra deterrent. Termite chemical available in other listings. Most common chosen now is Fipronil but Bifenthrin (or other pesticide of your choice – as per label rate) is also perfect.  Pump at up to 100psi however garden hose pressure is fine.

TermX can be installed at a maximum of 15 metre lengths – shorter is fine. Can simply be wrapped around pipes and obstacles and bent around corners. Probably the easiest system to install.  Bury at approximately 100mm deep and/ or at the edge of your footing (might be a bit deeper than 100mm).

If you are installing concrete paths around your building this is essential to install first (but after boxing is done).

Call us at the office and send us your photos for advice – happy to help you.


Note – the colour of the hose has changed to red (from blue) since the video was produced.



Price includes freight within Australia.

Cannot deliver to PO Boxes 

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Deliver door to door is not guaranteed – local depot pickup may be required at your end depending on location and how remote you are :-) 

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