Terminix – Termite Bait Bag 100g each – Kill the Queen Colony Control – bundle of 4

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Terminix Termite Bait 100gram bags of cellulose with growth regulator designed for termites to eliminate the colony and the queen. Bags are 100grams each and this listing is for a bundle of 4 x 100gr bags.

This product like all other termite baits is designed to be mixed with water, please only use bottle spring water or tank water. Do not use town water, as it contains chemicals which could possibly discourage termites from feeding. Some people say town water works fine, but in our experience the small risk of discouraging the termites from feeding is not worth it.

This termite bait and other termite baits will perform similarly which termite bait you use will often boil down to opinions and recommendations.

Typically speaking, a colony needs to ingest 100grams of bait to eliminate the colony, however, you want to feed the termites for as long as they will eat, therefore if they eat multiple bags, keep going until they stop eating.

Weight 450 kg

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