VanquishPro Ant Bait Gel 325g – Fits Caulking Gun

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Do you want your ants gone and get results like a professional does?!

Do you want probably the best value for quantity in a ready made bait – this is definitely the product! It’s almost 10x the size of other professional products that cost $50. You do the maths.

Most people waste $100 on supermarket solutions that don’t get the results they need before getting a pro product. Be one of the smart people, buy the right product first before you waste time and money :-) 

Stop using ant sand and other retail junk that never get the results you want. This product works because ants can’t detect the Fipronil and it transfers through the entire colony. We use Fipronil regularly on our customers houses to get superior results. Always read the label and follow the instructions.


Vanquish Pro Ant Bait is a new generation Ant Bait, with both protein and carbohydrate in the matrix to attract a wider variety of ants.

The wet paste has the well-known, thoroughly tested Fipronil as its active, highly-effective ingredient, at very low levels, so that the bait will find its way right back into the nest where it will do the most damage to the colony.

Vanquish Pro also retains its moisture levels for longer, allowing longer feeding time on the bait once placed in their habitat.

Directions must be followed on the label to get maximum effectiveness from Vanquish Pro. The bait is in the form of a pale green paste. Vanquish Pro is available in 325g cartridges which are vacuum packed. The cartridges require the use of a caulking gun. Vanquish Pro is effective on all ant species.

Application Notes

The application rate of Vanquish Pro is 3kg/hectare so a 325g cartridge is enough to treat 1100mor two average house sections.

Small amounts of bait are squeezed out at regular intervals of two metres onto the ground or can be put into 75mm pieces of hose or irrigation tube; it is best put in shady places to help against evaporation. Baiting is only necessary outside as it will draw all ants to it. The larger the area that is baited the more successful the baiting program will be. Keep other animals away from the treatment area for 24 hours. No harm will come to them if they eat it but you will have to re-bait. Once the vacuum bag has been opened the bait has only a short shelf life; refrigeration will help to some degree. Be sure initially to apply sufficient Vanquish Pro Bait. Ants can become bait shy if it is used intermittently. So why not get your neighbours involved and treat the whole street in one go!







In and around domestic and commercial and institutional buildings (eg hospitals, aged care facilities, schools, food processing areas, offices, shops, motels, ships)

Nuisance ants including:
Black House Ant (Ochetellus glaber), White Footed House Ant (Technomyrmex alibipes),

Pavement Ant (Tetramorium spp.), and Argentine Ant (Linepithema humile)

Medium ant infestations:
One cartridge
per 1100 square metres (equivalent to 3kg/ha)

Heavy ant infestations:
One cartridge per 550 square metres (equivalent to 6kg/ha)

The extent and density of the ant population should be assessed before treatment so that the correct rate of bait is applied.
Remove cartridge from vac bag.

Cut tip from bait cartridge and place in dispensing unit. Squeeze small amounts of bait at regular intervals of 1.5-2.5 metres into cracks, crevices and shady places where ants are seen. Repeat if ants re-invade the treated areas or after 12 months.

Broadcast application: This bait may be applied using a broadcast method with specialist application equipment. Refer
to the manufacturer for specific details. Refer to General Instructions for additional information.

Safety Considerations

The active ingredient in Vanquish Pro is Fipronil at a rate of 0.1g/kg, the same active ingredient found in flea treatment control for cats and dogs.

Amounts needed

Light-to-Medium Infestation:-

1x 325g cartridge will treat 1000 sq m

1 acre: approx 4000 sq m – 4 x 325g cartridges

½ acre: approx 2000 sq m – 2 x 325g cartridges

¼ acre: approx 1000 sq m – 1 x 325g cartridge

1/8 acre: approx 500 sq m – 2 x 100g syringes

Heavy Infestation:-

2x 325g cartridges will treat 1000 sq m area

1 acre: approx 4000 sq m – 8 x 325g cartridges

½ acre: approx 2000sq m – 4 x 325g cartridges

¼ acre: approx 1000sq m – 2 x 325g cartridges

1/8 acre: approx 500sq m – 1 x 325g cartridge

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