FIPFORCE DUST Termicide & Insecticide – 30g

$325.00 inc GST

To help the control of Termites, Nuisance Ants & Cockroaches. Over twice as concentrated as competing products.

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FipForce Dust is applied through a hand duster to help in the control of Termites, Nuisance ants and Cockroaches.

It has a mineral based carrier which flows extremely well and is less susceptible to moisture than cellulose based dusts.

Less moisture build-up means less clogging of the application procedure.


This product contains the active ingredient Fipronil. It will work on any any ant (irrespective of whether they prefer carbohydrate or protein), termites, cockroaches and any colony based insect.

The benefit with Fipronil is the insects can’t detect it is there so they walk right in to it, it then also can have a transferring effect as they other insects scavenge. To get control of a colony of ants/termites etc you have to get a product in to the nest and have it transfer, this is why fly sprays don’t work in terms of actually fixing the problem. Fipronil is an expensive product though – a litre of pure Fipronil can be around $1800. This is a professional grade treatment however it needs to applied sparingly in areas of maximum pest traffic. If you think this product might be for you but aren’t quite sure you’re always welcome to call us during business hours and discuss before you make your purchase.

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