Trelona Advance – Blank Cartridge for ATBS x6

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This listing is for the Trelona monitoring cartridge x 6. It DOES NOT contain an active ingredient. These look IDENTICAL to the active bait cartridge. It will attract termites for feeding – it will not kill the colony.

Trelona has the timber insert and also this monitoring cartridge available to MONITOR your Trelona ATBS stations. The best way to go if you want a full system around your property is to go 2 x  active cartridges in your stations. However if you are working to a tight budget the monitoring products can be used to mix and match with active cartridges as these items are cheaper than the actives. The purpose of the monitoring products were primarily so pest control companies who had a large part of their business tied up in regular monitoring services did not lose business with the superior active cartridges that came out with the ATBS system. These pest companies could still charge a service fee to come and check clients stations and then as the need arose, bait out termite activity with the active cartridges.

As the smart home owner you can jump in here and save. You might like to mix and match active stations with monitoring cartridges OR if your budget is tight start with the monitoring cartridges and slowly upgrade to all actives progressively over time.

Things to be aware of:

  1. Monitoring hardware is cheaper than the active cartridges BUT is recommended to replace 12 monthly. This means if your goal is purely budgetary yearly replacement may end up being more expensive but it come in smaller amounts so maybe that works for you.
  2. With monitoring you MUST check the stations a minimum of once a quarter or even better once a month. Failure to be diligent with checking could mean you miss termites chewing on the monitoring hardware and they come and go before you find them.
  3. Monitoring hardware is NOT a termite system – it is only as good as the monitoring.
  4. Monitoring hardware definitely can have a place in your arsenal of methods provided you understand the pro’s and cons and management methods. These techniques have been used for years by professionals, you just need to be VERY diligent.
  5. An active system only requires cartridges to be replaced every 5 years OR when eaten out, the I section time frame can be just 12 monthly.

It may sound like I’m trying to talk you out of these – I’m not, they have their place but they are not a set and forget product.

We regularly have clients buy these and they form an important part of their customised management program. Please consider your needs and diligence level :-) Cheers

The manufacturer would recommend IF you are going to a strictly monitoring strategy you should use BOTH 1 x Timber and 1 X (Blank) Inspection Cartridge. The reason is because when feeding starts to only have 2 x timbers and then swap in an active cartridge will be much change for the termites feeding behaviour and may even scare them off. If there is at least 1 x blank cellulose cartridge when you swap to the active cartridge the change is more subtle plus they are already are attuned to the cartridge as a food source. The Gold standard would be to use 2 active cartridges at all times as it is sufficient bait to take out a colony plus no checking or substitutions are required. However folks have different needs and strategies so this system is flexible enough to cater for a variety of approaches.

Listing is cartridge only – photo show other barware for illustration purposes.

You are welcome to phone us at the office here and discuss your ideas should you wish. You will find our contact details on the web site or in our bio on eBay and Amazon etc.

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