Silverfish Trap – Pesticide Free Professional Product – Pack of 10

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Silvercheck Silverfish Trap and lures – Pack of 10.

These are a professional grade product you can DIY. Simple to use. Foldable cardboard sticky trap and pesticide free non-toxic food lure to attract silverfish.

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The Silvercheck Silverfish lure and trap is a professional product we use in the field with our customers, it is non-toxic and pesticide free. Easy to DIY.

There are reasonably limited ways to deal with silverfish infestations – you can try and spray but if the silverfish are living under or in items they are not going to touch the spray and will continue to live happily ever after eating your clothes, books, documents, upholstery, piano’s and so on.

Silverfish eat natural fibres such as cotton, paper, cardboard, felt etc – they will not eat synthetic because essentially it’s just plastic. Remove as much food as possible from the silverfish. Often you can’t throw out the things they are eating because you need to keep them, so sometimes it’s a catch 22 in that regard. Your ceiling void may be the source of your silverfish so please some up there too! Silverfish like the timbers in your roof.

These lures are one of the few strategies you have left in your arsenal. They are pesticide free and come with a lure sachet of food (attractant) which you sprinkle on the centre of the sticky board. The silverfish then gets stuck trying to get to the food. No pesticide is used in this product.

Place them as close to your silverfish issue as possible and let them go to work. Move them around too if you like.

If the traps don’t have silverfish in them you either don’t have them close enough to your problem or you don’t have silverfish!

To boost your results you might like to also try one of the professional surface sprays such a Astro AerosolĀ available in our other listings and spray that over your books/papers etc.

You will get 10 x sticky boards and lures. See photos for size reference and there’s also a photo of lure showing you the results from a ceiling area.

Weight .18 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 3 cm
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