Antmaster – Ant liquid

$68.00 inc GST

A liquid bait for the control of certain pest ants. Contains a sweet food source in a low dose bait that is effective against many common pest ants in indoor and outdoor situations.


Highly attractive to a wide range of different ant species. This product kills the queen and the colony!

  • Ultra low-dose, non-toxic product
  • Economical pack size
  • Easy to use

Made from greater than 99% naturally derived ingredients.

Only place this product when ants are present. Allow them to feed on the product. You may have to repeat over a week or 2. Only suitable for ants that feed on carbohydrates (sugars) – not suitable for protein feeding ants. They WILL NOT touch a carbohydrate product. Please check the shop for ant granules if you have protein feeding ants.

Weight .2 kg
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