If you pet has a tick or ticks you really do need to act. We all know that paralysis ticks can make your pet severely ill, but that’s not the only reason you need to act.

Female ticks are the ones that attach to your pet and have their fill. Left unattended they will feed for up to 7 days then drop off and lay up to 3000 eggs. Once those eggs hatch sooner or later they are looking for feed and then they lay up to 3000 eggs each.

You do the maths, but it doesn’t take a Nobel prize mathematician to work out that you have a population explosion on your hands that keeps going crazy.

If this happens to you, it’s not the end of the world, but professional treatment by PestX Pest Control is part of the solution.

What you need to do is immediately start removing ticks from your animal DAILY! In addition to this get us to spray your property. You also need to treat your animal and keep it up for a minimum of 6 weeks to break the hatching and breeding cycle. Once you have the situation under control you can go into maintenance mode and just keep up regular flea and tick treatments as recommended by your vet.

I have seen places with animals covered in hundreds of ticks with many hundreds more hiding all over the walls of the house and yard waiting for their turn to feed on your pet or maybe even you!

Best to keep things under control and regularly treat your animals for parasites. Our climate being hot and humid is perfect for ticks (and other parasites) to breed fast, so don’t take it for granted if you only see a couple, there could soon be thousands! If it does get out of hand then we are here to help and have excellent experience helping you get things back to normal.



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