RCS Revolver Mouse Trap – 3 Pack

$33.67 inc GST

Non-toxic Quick Kill rodent trap.

The quickest and easiest snap trap.

Introducing the new Revolver Rodent Trap from RCS. Multiple options for different deployment scenarios. Take your rodent control to the next level with RCS Revolver.

Key advantages:

No need to see or touch the rodent caught.

Once mouse is caught simply dispose of the trap and rodent which is caught inside the trap.

Catch indicator shows when animal trap is activated, caught or un-set with easy to view colours and pictures.

Designed for rapid deployment in commercial and domestic areas. These disposable revolver traps can be used on its own or within Tipper Steel Mouse Traps with two (2) traps.

These units are highly cost effective and can be used in every rodent control program set by any Professional Pest Manager in Australia.

Weight .35 kg
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