Protecta LP – Rodent Station – Black

$42.70 inc GST



Patented “Low Profile” Bait Station – Black x 1 – Includes key x 1 and postage. For multiple purchases please see our other listings.


PROTECTA LP is a triangular shaped, rat-size bait station that fits in corners and flush along walls where rodents travel. Its “Low Profile” makes it ideal to use indoors under pallets and in other tight baiting locations. It measures approx. 76mm x 228mm. Although this is “Rat sized” obviously mice will still use this station too. You will have possibly noticed these stations around the outside of commercial buildings like McDonalds, Shopping Centres and the like. Can be screwed, glued or chained to the wall or other fixed point as appropriate to prevent removal.

Patented interior baffles lead rodents directly to the feeding receptacle in PROTECTA LP which can hold Bell’s BLOX and Super-Size BLOX baits, tracking powders, liquid baits, cereal baits and place pacs. BLOX fit on horizontal and vertical bait securing rods that help keep bait securely in the station.

This tamper-resistant bait station locks automatically when closed and unlocks with a special 2-prong key that also opens other Bell bait stations. Service time is reduced because of its easy accessibility.

This stain is a “heavy duty station” and would be used when you are concerned that large animals or very determined humans may tamped with the station. It has a dual locking device whereas many other versions only have the one device.

PROTECTA LP is available in black to fit discreetly in any baiting environment.

Light Gray Colour is NOT AVAILABLE at this stage. It does however show the inside layout of the station.



Weight .350 kg
Dimensions 8 × 23 × 7 cm

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