Lithium Ion Battery for FlowZone (Green) and JetPack Sprayer 15 Litre (Red Lid) 18V 5.2 ah

$125.00 inc GST

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This battery fits FlowZone and JetPack units.

18V 5.2ah

This battery will fit the red lid 15L JetPack units – The 15L green lid JetPAck units and the Green FlowZone units. This is a larger battery than originally supplied with your green backpack sprayers – therefore will have a longer run time between charging. This battery will require a cradle to charge it.

This battery is manufactured by Strosen the same company manufactures for FlowZone and JetPAck – the difference is the branding stickers :-)

If you need another cradle please visit this listing CLICK HERE……

** General Warning on Lithium Batteries** – Always be aware Lithium batteries need to be charged and cared for correctly. Mishandling, damage, over charging, leaving on the charger for extended periods of time *could* theoretically be a fire risk for ANY lithium battery of any brand. This is why airlines get you to carry batteries in your carry on luggage and so on. Only charge batteries in a ┬ánon-flammable area such as outside, in open areas, on concrete and be available to supervise charging in case of a problem. JetPack is not responsible for your use and handling of Lithium Batteries.

BackPack sprayers are shown for illustration purposes of battery use and are not included in the purchase – the listing is for 1 x 18.5v battery


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