Mould and wet houses and businesses.

Did you know that mould and fungus is a pest. Obviously when things get wet and stay wet they get mouldy etc. If your house gets wet on the inside particularly after rain like we had in the last week then mould, mildew etc can be
1) rotting your timber
2) rotting your plasterboard
3) you’re breathing in mould spores
PestX can help you, clean and decontaminate carpet, stop spores from spreading through your house or business and it becoming unhygienic. If it’s not professionally treated you really can end up with a big deal. This is even more important if you are a landlord because you have to provide a healthy and habitable building for your tenants. PestX also have huge air movers for hire to dry out your walls and carpet which stops the smell and stops the mould etc. Give us a shout!


carpet and mould

carpet backing rotten



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